The Stuart Young Foundation Award 2011

The Stuart Young Foundation Award 2011 – Award for the applicant of Anglo-Jewish community Student in the field of Accountancy, Communications and Business, and Voluntary Social Services in UK-2011

Study Subject:Accountancy, Communications and Business, and Voluntary Social Services.
Employer: Stuart Young Foundation
Level:Student in Year 13 going up to University.
Scholarship Description:
The Stuart Young Awards commemorate the life and achievements of an outstanding member of the Anglo-Jewish community, who made significant contributions in the fields of accountancy, communications and business, and also in voluntary social services.

Head Teachers are invited to nominate candidates for an Award of £1,500 per annum each, to a student in Year 13 going up to University. Candidates with deferred places are not normally eligible but should apply in the year of entry to University. The Award will begin upon the student taking up his or her place, and may continue for three years.
Head Teachers in both Independent and Maintained schools are asked to nominate only those students whose families are likely to incur serious financial strain in supporting their children through the years in Higher Education. The continuation of the Award each year is dependent upon satisfactory reports from the University.

Scholarship Application Deadline:30 April 2011

Further Scholarship Information and Application, click here.


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